I really wish we could gather together for a masterclass about

PIEMONTE wines somewhere where we could all seat next to

each other for a nice Aperitivo with great wines to toast to life.


I am really grateful for all the wonderful people I have met through my events and I extremely miss hosting you!

Even if Italy entered FASE 2 and wine shops, bars and restaurants are slowly reopening to the public, in the US the situation is a bit behind and all restaurants remain closed keeping the industry workers unemployed. Travelling isn't allowed yet, in fact I had to cancel my first official tour of Piemonte. But this won't keep us from virtually travelling and tasting together!


As you are aware, the focus of my work with wines is on Italian Wines and especially those from the region where I grew up and that has sparked the passion in me. The passion for Piemonte and the first series of events dedicated to this region that I hosted in NYC the past fall has led me to meet, virtually first and in person later, the two souls behind IGNOBLE GRAPES Sarah and Anna. First of all, what a genius name they chose! I wish I had this idea ;) I love the idea behind it since, as you know, I tend to give values to the lesser known grapes varieties. We finally met and we knew that these many things we have in common wold have took us to somehow work together later on. 


That's why when Sarah reached out to me few weeks ago to partner up with them, I got extremely excited! Sarah said: "Since we won’t be able to travel to Barolo this year, we want to bring Barolo here in NYC!" And you that's where my second home and family is. 


So here is the deal!

We want to bring you unique, hard-to-find wines and virtual wine events to keep us connected with this beautiful land. During the course of this adventure you will get to know Valerie Quintanilla of Girl’s Gotta Drink ANDStefano & Elisabetta of Enoteca La Vite Turchese. 

While nothing replaces the experience of touring a winery and sitting across the table from a winemaker to learn about their wine, we are super excited about our lineup of wines, educational sessions, and conversations. You’ll be able to open the bottles you’ve ordered and learn more about them from wine experts!

In addition, a portion of wine sales and virtual wine event proceeds will be donated to Relief Opportunities for All Restaurants (ROAR), which provides financial aid to restaurant workers in NYC. 


We hope you’ll drink and enjoy the selection of wines we’ve pulled together, and while we won’t enjoy them in the same room, we’ll all feel a little more connected - from New York to Italy to everywhere in between. See below for details! 


  • Franco Conterno Extra Brut Metodo Classico, NV       

  • Cieck Erbaluce Metodo Classico, 2016                   

  • Raineri Dolcetto Dogliani DOCG, 2018                   

  • Cascina Gavetta Langhe Nascetta DOC, 2018 


  • Ca' del Baio Langhe Riesling, 2018   


  • Crivelli Grignolino d'Asti, 2018

  • Negro Giuseppe Monsu' Rosato DOC, 2019 

    (100% Nebbiolo!)   


  • Demarie Roero Arneis DOCG, 2019                               

  • Diego Morra Verduno Pelaverga DOC, 2018            

  • Chiara Boschis Langhe Nebbiolo DOC, 2017

     Limited quantities: MAX 2 per order


  • Alberto Viberti Langhe Nebbiolo DOC, 2018            

  • Piero Busso Barbera d’Alba Majano DOC, 2017        

  • Luigi Oddero Barbaresco Rombone DOCG, 2016 


  • Ca' del Baio Langhe Nebbiolo Bric del Baio 2018 

€ 46.00

€ 37.00

€ 20.00

€ 24.00

€ 34.00

€ 23.00

€ 29.00

€ 21.00

€ 27.00

€ 40.00

€ 27.00

€ 29.00

€ 56.00

€ 28.000


  • Shipping is free on 12 bottles. If you’re local in NYC and would like to order less than 12 bottles, please reach out to us and we can combine orders and arrange contactless pick up thanks to Sarah and Anna of IGNOBLE GRAPES. 

  • You can order any combination of wines that sound interesting to you, but we have also noted the specific wines that will be discussed in the masterclass sessions. We encourage you accordingly so you can enjoy the wines you are learning about. 

  • Custom orders are also encouraged! Any of us would be happy to help you select other wines so you can explore other amazing wines from Italy. 

  • A portion of wine sales and proceeds from the virtual wine events will be donated to ROAR NYC. If you can, we hope you will donate directly to support ROAR as well. 

  • You will be gifted with a copy of my Native Grapes of Piemonte MAP in your box of wine!




  2. DONATE TO ROAR through our campaign (you can choose to donate $10/20/30 or more). Make sure we can see your name!

  3. Once you donated you will receive the ZOOM link for the event.

  4. ORDER YOUR FAVORITE WINES FROM PIEMONTE. FREE SHIPPING ON 12 BOTTLES! ATTENTION! If you order before May 31st you can get your wine in time for this event.

May 30th @ 1:00pm EST/ 20:00 CET:  BYOB Aperitivo <FREE!>

Join us in conversation with Valerie, Sarah and Anna, and Stefano & Elisabetta from Enoteca La Vite Turchese. We can pretend we are joining them right there in the enoteca in Barolo as we chat about our upcoming virtual wine and cooking events, learn about the Langhe and Roero regions surrounding Barolo, and hear about the amazing wines we’ve selected to share with you. We’ll also meet Denise Pardini, a local chef, who will talk about pairing Piemontese wines with international recipes. For this “BYOB” event, we invite you to open your favorite aperitivo wine.

June 20th @ 1:00pm EST/ 20:00 CET: Native Grapes of Piemonte Masterclass *SUGGESTED DONATION TO ROAR*

If we look at Piemonte's wide spectrum of native grapes, we can easily get lost. Nebbiolo and Barbera are certainly among the most known... but how about the lesser known ones? Join me, Piemontese native, for my signature masterclass on some of the unknown native grape varieties of Piemonte to get to know what's out there beyond Barolo & Barbaresco. I will introduce you to grapes such as Erbaluce, Nascetta, Freisa and Pelaverga while explaining the history, traditions and stories behind these grapes and the artisanal producers.

Make sure you get your Native Grapes of Piemonte MAP!

June 27th @ 1:00pm EST: Nebbiolo 101 *SUGGESTED DONATION TO ROAR*

After learning about the lesser-known grape varieties of Piemonte from me, we’ll pay a little tribute to the grape variety that the region is so known and loved for, Nebbiolo. We’ll discuss the wide-variety of Nebbiolo-based wines hailing from Piemonte, with a focus on the styles of Langhe. We encourage participants to open either the Chiara Boschis or Alberto Viberti Langhe Nebbiolo DOC, or the Luigi Oderro Barbaresco Rombone DOCG from our featured wine selections for this event!

TBD Date: Italian Cooking & Wine Pairing 

Join us for a cooking demonstration with Denise Pardini of Castello di Sinio in the heart of Barolo and Barbaresco wine country! Denise will be selecting some special recipes to pair with the wines in our offer. Indicate your interest in this virtual cooking class when you order your wines, so we can follow up with more details.


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