Born and raised in Piemonte, one of Italy’s culinary capitals, and global mecca for wine, Sara Olocco followed her innate calling to become an Italian Wine Specialist.


With a degree in Food Culture and Communication at the prestigious SLOW FOOD University of Gastronomic Sciences in Bra - Italy, Sara moved to New York City to work for one of the most influential restaurateurs that pioneered the establishment of an authentic Italian food & wine culture in the U.S. : the Bastianich Hospitality Group. Here, once again surrounded by values such as authenticity, respect for the various regional traditions, attention for the growers and artisans together with special care for the highest quality ingredients - she understood the reason behind her mission: sharing her love and passion for all things Italian. 

Once Sara decided that her main focus was wine, she went back to Piemonte and Italy to discover off the beaten path producers and to learn about the autochthonous grapes of the regions. She has since worked to promote Italian wines and she helped develop programs with the European Union to promote Italian Spirits in the U.S.


To know about her: her favorite meal is Aperitivo and when she’s not pouring wine at her events you can follow her on the roads of Italy to explore vineyards and cellars. Piemonte is her home at heart but she’s always on a plane to her second home: New York. Wherever she is, she loves to entertain her family and friends with memorable homemade food and great wine. 


Beware! She speaks extremely fast and she talks with her hands….a lot.





Mob. IT: +39 3388039520

Mob. US: +1 5164625963

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